The new generation of playground

 is the unique playground in free access for everyone all year round, whatever the weather is.


Run, slide, step over, jump, climb… this is the place to play, for the enjoyment of the whole family!

 is based on a collection of cloud-like shaped modules, the Nu-Ages, that can be twisted and turned in relation to one another so that a 3-dimensional landscape is created. They can be interlocked, creating routes in various ways. Their interiors can be filled with play elements aimed for particular age groups, which creates the possibility to dedicate a cluster of volumes to a specific age group.


Games designed for the enjoyment of both kids and adults

Because playgrounds can also represent shaded and sheltered places for children to play,
explore their boundaries, practice their motor skills and become blooming human beings,
we designed HappyBox in line with children needs at all ages.
In our approach, we identified the following age groups:
0-4 years old, 4-7 years old, 7-12 years old and 12 years old and over.
Each category has its own module colour.

0 to 4 years old

Infants approach playing in a contemplative way. They observe, touch, listen and crawl to comprehend their environment. The game, by requesting and triggering his senses, is then a well-rounded learning source for the child. On the other hand, he remains rather self-centered and does not yet act as a socialized being. It is only by ages 2-3 years old that the child starts to integrate others to his game and interact with them. He therefore keeps exploring is motor and physical skills, in particular by playing with small toys as well as experiencing role playing games.

4 to 7 years old

From 3 years old, children develop a more active way of playing. They jump, run, climb and more generally keep on exploring and improving their motor skills. In addition, they are able to communicate, share and socialize. Playing becomes interactive or/and imaginary, and role playing games are omnipresent.

7 to 12 years old

Growing up, the child enjoys being part of theme games and playful activities. He participates more and more in group games, which are increasingly organized, and he progressively accepts to be directed. Able to integrate game rules, he can now begin to join in sport competitions and challenges in physical exercises.

12 years old and older

We thought of as a facility as well adapted to children as enjoyable to their parents and grand-parents. The elders can follow them in their adventures and share emotions triggered by each game. A big climbing wall is specially designed for teenagers and adults.

Modular and adaptable to your space

Each structure is unique

Covered or not, is adaptable to your environment, which can be either indoor or outdoor.
The play elements quantity and type can also be tailor-made according to your space and budget specifications.

Discover the clouds collection classified in age groups :


Boulder wall

Secured climbing

Age 7 – 12

Spinning bowl

Large wobbly disc


Crawling maze


Sliding pole

Age 4 – 7

Interactive panels

Theme play

Play house




Spinning bowl

Crawling maze

Age 2 – 4

Interactive panels

Play house

Crawling hills

Crawling tubes

Theme play

Plate slide

Mini seesaw

Toddler swings

Toddler slides

Age 0 – 2

Interactive panels

Crawling tube

Crawling floor

Plate slide

Baby swing



Some HappyBox playgrounds examples

The HappyBox as if you were there

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